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What Are the Sexiest Ways to Be Kissed?


The Basic French

Kissing is a difficult but important skill to master if you want to drive your partner wild. Clink on through to learn the sexiest ways to be kissed and how to pull off each one!

When you’re making out, the basic French kiss should be your go-to move for heating up the mood. The simple definition of a French kiss means that you’re both using your tongues in some way. In the basic French kiss, you’ll want to keep your saliva to a minimum and gently swirl the tips of your tongues together. You can also lick your partner’s lips and front teeth to mix things up a little bit without getting too crazy.

The Sustained Surprise

In love and war, never underestimate the value of surprise. Even a simple kiss can have a lot of impact if it’s done unexpectedly. Pick a time when your partner is blissfully unaware of your intentions, like when they’re doing chores or watching TV, and make your move. Give a little tap on the shoulder or an arm around the waist and then go in for the kiss without a word. The important part is to just press your mouth against his/her’s with your lips slightly parted for a good 30 seconds. Swooning is guaranteed.

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